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Golf Course

Hole #1               
381 Yards           
Par 4
The fairway runs north to south, and O.B. hugs the left side of the hole. Trees line the fairways making the tee shot crucial, while bunkers border the front right of the green.

Hole #2
275 Yards
Par 4
Water hazards in front of this green call for extreme driving and approaching accuracy while the fairways are lined with trees.

Hole #3
195 Yards
Par 3
Like the first hole, it runs north to south. A swell catches many balls missing left of the green, and bunkers guard the right side of the green.
Hole #4                Hole #13
412 Yards            469 Yards
Par 4                     Par 5
One of the most beautiful holes on the Hilands course. It runs east to west and is bordered by O.B. along the left side of the fairway and tall trees down the right. A water hazard crosses the fairway near the 140-yard marker and then runs down the left side of the hole. Greenside bunkers guard the right side of the green.

Hole #5
150 Yards
Par 3
This is the shortest hole on the golf course. The green is located on a knoll, making accuracy important on the tee shot. Bunkers surround the green's left and right sides, and a swell sits in the back right side as well.

Hole #6
305 Yards
Par 4
This beautiful hole dog-legs as you approach the green. Tall trees guard the right side of the fairway, and four bunkers protect the two-tiered green.

Hole # 7
517 Yards
Par 5
The hole is a dog-leg left hole with a small ditch that crosses the fairway close to the tee. Fairway bunkers guard the right side of the fairway, strategically placed to catch errant tee balls. A large hedge of trees forces accuracy into the approach to the green, with two bunkers protecting the front left and right sides.

Hole # 8
420 Yards
Par 4
A candidate for one of the most challenging holes in Montana. This dog leg requires a tee shot 200-yard layup leaving you with a long approach. Trees heavily guard both sides of the fairway off the tee, and two greenside bunkers protect the right side of the green.
Hole #9
436 Yards
Par 4
The final hole has trouble lurking down the left side with O.B. Large trees guard the fairways while a large bunker sits on the right side of the green.